Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Major project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Major project - Assignment Example as they are bound to provide tips to the employees on ways to excel within the organization, how to communicate properly with management and ensure positive results as well as how to overcome challenges within the organization and improve performance as well. The function is to be held in a location that is easily accessible by the employees as well as the invited guests. It should be in an intimate location away from the workplace which may provide an intense atmosphere hence hindering positive results from the function. Employees who are the main participants of the function should feel comfortable enough to ask questions that will enable them advance their career and improve their performance and communication. The location should be strategic so that people do not have to worry about traffic hence hurrying up the event. After the location has been identified, the next step is to secure the location for the function and start preparation of mapping of the area. Mapping in this case means partitioning of the location into different places according to the goals of the function. An area for the booths should be mapped. The area should not be open to minimize interruptions during sessions with employees and guests. Also on the map should be refreshment locations placed strategically all over the location for easy access. A place for the podium for the debriefing and addressing the beginning of the meeting should be mapped as well as the areas for tables and chairs. Team leaders and managers have a big role in the career development function and hence should be briefed about the progress and preparations. The briefing is important so that they can start making preparations about the people who need to participate in the function. They know the team members and employees under them and hence who will benefit more (Dahlstrom, 2009). The role of managers is to clear schedules for that particular day for these employees as well as ensure they have representatives

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